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Pasha Selected Extra Long Staple Cotton

More than just elegance. Pasha Platinum offers Distinctive Elegance. Reminiscent of the precious and prestigious quality of Platinum, visible in its multifaceted crystalline form, which also serves as the inspiration for its new identity, the lustre, and richness of Pasha Platinum makes it the choice of elegant men. It is no ordinary fabric. It is the top of the line of our exclusive cotton fabrics.

Super Fine Embroidered Cotton

An Exquisite array of Embroidered patterns.This is a fabric that is ideal for the tropics. It is crisp, light and radiates freshness as only the finest quality cotton can do.Here is day-long Coolness.It is available in a tasteful variety pastel shades.

Super Spun Silk Boski

Royal Boski is genuine Boski silk that is made in the traditional Chinese method. Most silk is reeled silk where the silk filament is pulled out of the cocoon onto a reel. Boski is spun silk, where the cocoon is slit open, the filament is removed in one mass to form a flux. This flux is thoroughly cleaned and processed to make silky threads that are woven together.

Super Fine Cotton

Evergreen Elegance. The splendor of the seasons is nature’s gift to man; summer, winter, spring and autumn, each has its own romance and beauty. And here is fashions’ year-round gift to our patrons. A high-quality fabric that is a unique blend of comfort and smartness. Its crispness, vibrant colours and luxuriant texture will remain constant; as fresh as the winter sun and as bright as the summer moon.

Pure Combed Cotton

Eminence is the courtesy of elegance. This is a very superior line of fabrics, of distinctively high quality and a faultless weave. The luxuriant texture gives an aura of sumptuous suitable for royalty. Available in an exclusive set of sophisticated hues.


Super Fine Cotton Product Code: 10-043-000-004 Evergreen Elegance. The splendor of the seasons is nature’s gift to man; summer, winter,