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YF 101 Cotton by Yameen

  • Designed Cotton
  • Soft Finish
  • 100% PIMA cotton
  • Vibrant colors
  • Durability and Color resistant guarantee

Optima – wash & wear

Optima comprises of two magnificent fibres, micro polyester and micro modal. This fabric is a glorious blend of both the finest fibres. The involvement and engagement of micro polyester and micro modal gives this cloth a fabulous and remarkable hand feel. The fabric is lustrous and gives off a dazzling and radiant vibe. The cloth is widely available in light and and medium dark color tones. Anyone who wears this cloth is intended to feel the elegance of it.


Spica by Dynasty is an elegant and splendid Wash and Wear fabric which was specially crafted for the hot summer season. It is a magnificent blend of the finest fibres of Micro Polyester and Micro Modal. Spica has a special liquid ammonia finish which gives to more luster and durability. It has a variety of hues ranging from light to dark tones which fit best for this season. Liquid Ammonia Finish is a treatment given to cotton threads which strengthens and gives them a lustrous appearance. In this process ammonia gas is taken to very high minus temperature and converted into liquid ammonia. The fabric is then processed under this liquid ammonia. This makes the fabric very fine & lustrous with improved wrinkle resistance.

Desire-wash and wear

At Dynasty, we hold customer satisfaction as the highest priority. Hence, we leave no stone unturned in employing the latest machines and methods to bring our customers the very best. Dynasty’s desire fulfills that purpose. Desire is a premium fabric woven with super fine micro fibers only on the very high tech air jet machines. To add extra luster and drape, it is then processed with high performance disperse and reactive dyes. The final result is truly awe-inspiring.

Classic Cotton

Cotton has always been our special at Dynasty. We take the finest and world class fibres to produce 100% superfine classic cotton. This is one of the admirable fabric produced by Dynasty for our masses. It is a very lightweight cotton fabric perfectly  suitable for summers. Classic cotton comes in light shades and dark shades.

Snowberry (L.A.F) cotton

Snowberry is woven with 100% Pure Supima Cotton. To ensure superior quality, it is run on high-speed air jet machines resulting in a compact weave of durability and excellent wearing comfort. With the use of high-performance VAT dyes and liquid ammonia finishing, our patrons can enjoy an entire spectrum of traditional and vibrant colors.


Comfort is a wonderful fabric that can be worn in every season along with it being available in several color schemes. Making the cloth to be enjoyed throughout the year because of its texture that is unique and rare.

Desire Cotton for winter by Rajhas

Cotton threads of the finest cotton are carefully weaved into this magnificent fabric that is the ultimate choice of men with great taste and a royal sense of style. Available in a pleasant range of colors.

Glory Cotton by Rajhas

A glorious fabric because you deserve to shine. This fabric has been specifically designed keeping ambitious men in view. Men who never settle for anything but the very best.